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Fonsa Trade is the number one source for all things crypto. We belive that everyone should have an unmetered access to explore the wonderful world of crypto with all of its benefits. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of cryptocurrency based investment opportunities. Part of the fundamental goals of Our company is to get the most elevated benefits conceivable from exchanging, trading and investing crypto assets for our clients from all over the world on the remote trade (Forex). Sign up on with us today an watch your crypto porfolio grow.

Our Investment Plans


  • Minimum: $100.00 Maximum: $3,499.00 Duration: 24 Hours

  • Minimum: $3,500.00 Maximum: $9,999.00 Duration: 48 Hours

  • Minimum: $10,000.00 Maximum: Unlimited Duration: 5 Days

Mining Plans


  • Minimum: $500.00 Maximum: $4,999.00 Duration: 2 Hours

  • Minimum: $5,000.00 Maximum: $9,999.00 Duration: 2 Hours

  • Minimum: $10,000.00 Maximum: Unlimited Duration: 2 Hours

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Fast & Secure

We’ve built some of the world’s most sophisticated Crypto security systems and have never been compromised.

No Hidden fees

We are a transparent and vision driven company, we make your Crypto experience the best one.

Protected by insurance

Cryptocurrency stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy.

Profit Driven

Our expert team has worked all over the world for top finance companies. Plus we’re backed by some of the world's top investors.

Latest Transactions

Recent Deposits

Member Name Date $Amount
Jane 25th November, 2023 $220.00
Jane 25th November, 2023 $220.00
Jane 25th November, 2023 $220.00
Jane 25th November, 2023 $220.00
Alexa Varela 14th August, 2023 $100.00
Eduardo silva Dos santos 14th August, 2023 $15,000.00
Thiago Fernandez 10th August, 2023 $7,500.00
Bianca santos 8th August, 2023 $10,000.00
Roseane lima 3rd August, 2023 $3,000.00
EDUARDO FONTENELE DE SOUZA 2nd August, 2023 $500.00

Recent Withdrawals

Member Name Date $Amount
Victoria Almeida 29th January, 2024 $2,091.00
Victoria Almeida 29th January, 2024 $2,091.00
NIVALDO RIBEIRO LOUREIRO 21st December, 2023 $13,000.00
Livia 11th December, 2023 $3,000.00
Jane 25th November, 2023 $220.00
Livia Almeida 25th November, 2023 $2,000.00
Livia Almeida 25th November, 2023 $2,000.00
Livia Almeida 24th November, 2023 $2,000.00
Ines moreira 13th November, 2023 $3,465.00
Livia 8th November, 2023 $3,000.00


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"What an excellent service. Thank you very much, I really recommend Fonsa Trade "

Julian T.

"I feel your company provides a good value. The process was simple, and fair."

Susan P.

"It was quick and easy to use. I would recommend it to others, thanks so much."

Ken F.

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